Hello! I’m Vicki Jakes, the founder and driving force behind The Social Ads Squad, a digital marketing agency dedicated to empowering professional service businesses through strategic social media advertising.

We specialise in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit, and Google helping businesses in legal services, accounting, consultancy, architecture, IT services, and more to achieve their marketing goals.

One of the first websites I ever built in my “band” days 

My journey in digital marketing began in the early days of MySpace, where I first started creating profiles and hand-coding websites for bands. This hands-on experience provided me with a solid foundation in the technical aspects of online marketing.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of leading diverse teams of developers, designers, copywriters, and UX specialists for global clients. My roles have included Client Services Director at Nitro Digital, and Agency Director at Brandwatch. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on both the client and creator sides of online marketing projects.

After the corporate world, forming an event set production company smith+jakes, and my own business Way Out Far Digital which produced the Supercharge Your Website Membership has been a big highlight.

Founding The Social Ads Squad was a natural progression in my career, allowing me to apply my extensive experience to bring a bespoke approach to each client. I pride myself on meticulously analysing each client’s online presence and crafting customised marketing strategies that truly resonate with their target audience.

My expertise in harnessing the power of social media advertising drives traffic, generates leads, and ultimately helps professional service businesses thrive.


Years of Experience

Websites Built or Managed

Annual Ad Spend Management

Since becoming self-employed, I created the Supercharge Your Website membership, a supportive community dedicated to helping female small business owners and founders learn how to build and optimise their websites.

As part of this initiative, I ran a highly successful 5-day challenge that saw thousands of participants, with hundreds joining the membership. The focus is on providing a safe space where no question is too trivial, ensuring that every member feels empowered and confident in their digital marketing abilities.

This community-driven approach has been instrumental in fostering growth and learning among women entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their online goals effectively.

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Podcast Guest

Invite me to your podcast to share actionable insights and proven strategies in digital marketing, backed by over 20 years of experience helping businesses thrive through social media advertising.


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As a guest expert, I can provide your audience with practical advice and cutting-edge techniques in website optimisation and social media advertising, drawn from my extensive experience.


Book me as a speaker to inspire and educate your audience with real-world success stories and strategic insights on digital marketing, social media advertising, and website optimisation from my two decades of industry experience.


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topics i can bring to your audience

for Social Media Advertising

  1. Maximising ROI on Facebook and Instagram Ads
  2. Crafting Compelling Ad Copy and Visuals
  3. Targeting and Retargeting Strategies for Social Media
  4. Utilising TikTok for Business Growth
  5. The Power of Reddit Ads: How to Tap into Niche Communities

Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Building a Small Business Digital Marketing Plan
  2. Content Marketing That Converts
  3. Effective Lead Generation Techniques
  4. SEO for Beginners 
  5. The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing

Website Optimisation

  1. Essential Elements of a High-Converting Website
  2. User Experience (UX) Best Practices
  3. The Role of Analytics in Website Optimisation
  4. Building and Managing a Successful Blog
  5. Landing Page Optimisation Techniques

Entrepreneurial Insights

  1. Starting and Scaling a Digital Marketing Agency
  2. Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Digital Marketing
  3. Building and Leading a Remote Team
  4. The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Female Entrepreneur
  5. Work-Life Balance in the Digital Age

Industry Trends

  1. The Future of Social Media Marketing
  2. Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2024
  3. Adapting to Algorithm Changes on Major Platforms
  4. The Impact of AI and Automation on Digital Marketing

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    Whether as a podcast guest, speaker, guest expert, or blogger, I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering businesses to succeed online.

    Let’s collaborate to inspire and educate your community, driving their success to new heights.