For business owners who want to scale up
to the next level.

We’re here to get your ads converting
and your customers spending.


With a combination of over 10 years working on Facebook Ads, The Social Ads Squad aims to bring a new approach to social and search ads that we feel has been missing for a long time – one that is focused on testing, data and feedback and not afraid to try new things.

Bored of seeing the same old ads, we’re on a mission to get feeds zinging again and not have audiences reaching for the ‘hide’ option.


Our background is marketing and tech-orientated with founder Vicki Jakes having worked in advertising and online tech for over 20 years.

And with chief ads nerd Marie having over 25 years of global sales and marketing experience, you can trust that we know that there’s more to your success than just great ad creative.

There’s no blaming “the pixel” or updates on why your ads aren’t converting when you work with us.



We do what we do because we care deeply about getting you in front of the people you help and serve.

Your mission matters to us.

If we can help amplify your voice and show the world what you offer then our work is done.

We’ll get you out there and you can carry on doing the hard work knowing that the tech-loving, marketing-driven team behind The Social Ads Squad have got your back.

Our Services

copy writing and creative services

We will write your ad copy and suggest creatives that we think will get your audiences clicking based on knowledge, experience and reading of your data.

ads set-up and management

We’ll also review your existing ad set-up (or set you up if you’re new) and make sure the account and pixel are all firing ok before we start.

funnel review and landing page optimisation

We can review and optimise your existing landing pages and create new ones in your tool of choice too (WordPress, Leadpages, Kajabi, etc.)

ongoing reporting and optimisation

You’ll also get ongoing monitoring, reporting and recommendations for how to improve your ads on an ongoing basis.

If You’re Ready to Invest in Your Social Media Advertising, Step Right Up.

We know you’ve done absolutely everything you can do. We know how hard it’s been. (You’re AWESOME, by the way).

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You Feel Like This

You've got better things to do than struggle on, trying to read data, understand trends.

You're fed up with trying to monitor what is happening with your advertising spend.

Some days you have no idea where your leads are even coming from.

Perhaps they've dried up altogether and you have no clue as to why.

Doing it all yourself now feels like a complete waste of time, energy, and money. We know, we were there once.

It’s exhausting. It’s confusing. And worst of all, it doesn’t work.

Let’s Go Get It.

Buckle Up.

You’ve got a successful small business going there. But it’s time to seriously scale. You’ll need people you can trust, people who know what they are doing.

You want to see your profits where they should be, in the bank.

(Or collecting for a spa break, a holiday, a new car)

We’re not just another marketing agency. We are a team of successful start-up business owners who have come together on a mission to help other entrepreneurs just like us.

We’re here to get social ads converting and customers spending.

How It Works

Apply To Work With Us

Serious applicants only. You must be willing to spend £1,000 per month on ad spend.

Let Us Know Who You Are

You want to scale up your product sales or you’re a coach planning a launch.

We Start The Relevant Track

There are two to choose from: Stratospheric Product Sales or Stadium-Filling Launches.


Don’t just rely on us, see what our customers say below.


Social Ads Squad | Facebook & TikTok ads agency for product businesses

You’re a product business seeking stratospheric sales.

You’ve grown your business from your kitchen table.

You know your products would FLY out the door with properly managed product ads.

Let’s get your ads converting and your customers spending.

Social Ads Squad | Facebook & TikTok ads agency for product businesses

You’re a service business seeking stadium-filling growth.


You’re ready to change lives. Lots of them.

You still need to create the content for your launch, but the tech is overwhelming. You’re hitting the Launch Wall.

We’ve got the perfect programme for you.

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the squad.