about us

Social media advertising that ZINGS from people who honestly care.

(And happen to be rather good at it).

It’s time to get your social media Feed Buzzing Again. It’s Time to Dream big.

What if someone could help you make money with your social ads?

What if they could tell you exactly what to do next, and how to take it forward?

What if they knew this because they’d tested your ads, tirelessly, until they’d found the pot of gold?

What if they ran all the trials, performed the optimisation, created the content, tested your funnels and audiences – the lot?

Well, that couldn’t possibly be a someone.

You’d need a whole team, a gang, a gaggle, or a social media army of some sort for a job like that. Surely.

Black and White Image of Cat

You’d Need a Squad.

The Social Ads Squad are a fearsome bunch of absolute marketing goddesses.

Tirelessly testing your messages, your content, your audience, your funnel.

We won’t stand for letting the same old ads slide out of our computer screens. We’ve had enough of all of that.

We’re not afraid to try new things and ferociously test all the things, examine data, and evaluate feedback to ensure your ads are optimised to the extreme.

Sounds kinda fun when we put it like that, right? Well, we think so.

An Idea That Zinged. How it came to be.

Late at night in the summer of 2021, Vicki Jakes had an idea that zinged into her head so hard she couldn’t let it go.

She’d been running her own (highly) successful business, running social ads and helping clients with traffic driving services for years, but she wondered what if…

Just what if … she could also build a premium service to help clients go to the next level with traffic driving?

Cut out of smiling mouth

Next Level Ad Traffic.

This was the idea she couldn’t let go of.

She reached out to ad wing-woman Marie Parton to create a business to bring the fun AND love of tech back to social ads.

Marie was in!

They knew they’d want to work with business owners who are on a mission, just like them.

Then the Universe spoke up and Helen Pritchard, the queen of online missions, stepped in too.

The idea had become a living, breathing business with a mission…and now there was a squad.

Time to meet the squad.

Vicki Jakes

Founder / Strategy

Vicki brings over 20 years of tech-orientated brilliance all gained through her career in online advertising and tech. She also knows a thing or two about social ads for her own businesses, having spent £25k in the last two years promoting her 5 Day Challenges and Website Memberships – resulting in £250k revenue.

Marie Parton

Co-Founder / Ads Management

Marie isn’t messing around either. With over 25 years of global sales and marketing experience under her belt, she ensures that there is even more to the success of your adverts than the epic creative content we deliver. Marie explores (in detail) not only what works, but HOW it works too.

Lydia Martin


Lydia is our secret weapon. She keeps the Squad in order. She ensures that everything runs like clockwork and allows the rest of the Squad to do what they do best. With 20+ years of experience in media and advertising, she knows exactly how to make everything work smoothly in this fast-paced world.

Helen Pritchard

Business Mentor

We even have something of a social media celebrity on our team. Helen brings decades of experience helping business owners ready to make big moves to hit their big goals. She’s a LinkedIn legend, an award-winning business mentor, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs set up and run highly successful businesses.

We’re not a ‘let it fizzle out’ kind of gang..













What Makes Us Different.


We’re focused on testing, data, and feedback, and not being afraid to try new things.


We bring the fun back to ads. No more boring social ads. Ads that Zing are our thing!


Your mission matters to us. We care deeply about getting you in front of the people you help and serve.


You’re not just a social ads revenue number to us. We celebrate with you. We’re your Squad.

Your Tribe. Feel like you’ve found the people for you?

We think you have, but hold your horses for one little moment.

Quite honestly, this isn’t a service for everyone.

This is for you if you are willing to spend £1,000 a month on ad spend, and if the statements below make you feel that you’ve found your tribe.

Girl Jumping with Phone in hand


You’ve developed your business and are seeing a reliable and regular income.

You understand about social adverts but you need specialist help now.

You’re ready to channel your marketing into social adverts.

You need experts who’ll deliver focused and targeted results.

You know that an in-house marketer will not bring you the results that you need.

You’re concerned that other social ads agencies won’t deliver the outcome that you’re after.

You need a squad to step in.

Black and white telephone

Time to call

the squad.