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In the vast realm of digital advertising, where each click, impression, and interaction matters, The Social Ads Squad shines as a guiding star for small businesses who are fed up with thinking that advertising on social is out of their league.

Established in 2021, our expertise spans across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Google led my marketers who really get social.

Pioneers in Pocket-Friendly Digital Excellence

Navigating the digital ad space can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses.

We’ve noticed, we’ve understood, and we’ve acted.

With our exclusive micro-budget product priced at just £497+VAT per month, we’re tearing down the barriers that keep small businesses from harnessing the power of effective advertising.

Lead Gen Masters, With a Touch of Direct Selling Magic

While our forte lies in generating leads that convert, we’re also adept at creating campaigns for direct sales.

Whether you’re looking to nurture potential customers or drive immediate sales, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes Us Different.


We’re focused on testing, data, and feedback, and not being afraid to try new things.


We bring the fun back to ads. No more boring social ads. Ads that Zing are our thing!


Your mission matters to us. We care deeply about getting you in front of the people you help and serve.


You’re not just a social ads revenue number to us. We celebrate with you. We’re your Squad.

Your Tribe. Feel like you’ve found the people for you?

We think you have, but hold your horses for one little moment.

Quite honestly, this isn’t a service for everyone.

This is for you if you are willing to spend £1,000 a month on ad spend, and if the statements below make you feel that you’ve found your tribe.

Girl Jumping with Phone in hand


You’ve developed your business and are seeing a reliable and regular income.

You understand about social adverts but you need specialist help now.

You’re ready to channel your marketing into social adverts.

You need experts who’ll deliver focused and targeted results.

You know that an in-house marketer will not bring you the results that you need.

You’re concerned that other social ads agencies won’t deliver the outcome that you’re after.

You need a squad to step in.

Our Services

copy writing and creative services

We will write your ad copy and suggest creatives that we think will get your audiences clicking based on knowledge, experience and reading of your data.

ads set-up and management

We’ll also review your existing ad set-up (or set you up if you’re new) and make sure the account and pixel are all firing ok before we start.

website and funnel review

We can review and optimise your existing landing pages and create new ones in your tool of choice too (WordPress, Leadpages, Kajabi, etc.)

ongoing reporting and optimisation

You’ll also get ongoing monitoring, reporting and recommendations for how to improve your ads on an ongoing basis.

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