Why Choose a Smaller Agency for Your Facebook Ad Management

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In the world of digital advertising, there’s a misconception that only big agencies can deliver the best results. It’s the classic ‘big fish’ perception – surely the larger, well-known agencies have the best resources, the best expertise, and the best insights, right?

Not always.

The reality is, a smaller agency can often be the perfect partner for managing your Facebook Ads.

Here at The Social Ads Squad, we’ve found our smaller size to be a distinct advantage. It allows us to provide a more personal service, foster creativity and innovation, and maintain flexibility in our strategies.

Let’s delve a little deeper into why a smaller agency could be just the ticket for your Facebook Ad Management.

Personal Service

When you partner with a smaller agency, you’re not just another name on a long client list—you’re a valued partner. I know they all say that you are valued, but if an account manager has an average of 20 clients to manage – you are only going to get a 1/20 of their time each week.

At The Social Ads Squad, we ensure each client receives personal attention and the feeling that they can always drop in virtually and ask a question whenever they need.

You’ll have direct access to team members working on your account, without your project bouncing around between departments.

We also focus on transparent communication, offering regular updates and clear reporting so you’re always in the know. It’s our way of showing respect for your goals and values at every step of the journey.

Yes, you may be a small business but it doesn’t mean you get small service.

Creativity and Innovation

In larger agencies, bureaucracy—’red tape’ if you will—can often stifle creativity. There’s a chain of command to obey, protocols to follow, and endless approvals to be sought. As ideas journey up the ladder, they risk being diluted, altered, or even rejected altogether. This process isn’t just frustrating, it can eat into precious time, delaying your campaigns and, ultimately, your desired results.

I often tune into Sipping Social Tea, a platform for social work professionals to share anonymous stories about the difficult parts of their jobs. The themes that recur are ones of brilliant people unable to progress their work because they’re entangled in a web of permission-seeking.

In stark contrast, smaller agencies like The Social Ads Squad operate in a leaner, more dynamic way. We nurture a culture of creativity where every team member’s ideas are not just heard, but valued and swiftly actioned. There’s no bureaucratic muddle or layers of management stifling innovation.

This fluidity empowers us to react nimbly to changes, whether it’s a tweak in the Facebook ad algorithm, a fresh industry trend, or a sudden pivot in your business strategy.

And having the flexibility to act immediately, rather than waiting for a monthly call with a larger agency, is a game-changer. We’re not just reactive, we’re proactive, ensuring your advertising stays not just current, but ahead of the curve.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The ability to adapt and evolve quickly is paramount when running ads. Large agencies, while possessing vast resources, can often be slowed down by rigid structures and bureaucratic processes, which hamper their adaptability (see above about creativity).

This can be particularly problematic when managing Facebook Ads, a platform known for its ever-changing algorithms and ad rules. A slow response can mean missed opportunities or even non-compliance issues, leading to ineffective campaigns and wasted budget.

However, with a smaller agency like The Social Ads Squad, you get a team that’s not just responsive, but practically agile.

We’re unburdened by bureaucracy, which means we can quickly pivot strategies, respond to new developments, and take immediate action to ensure your ads continue to perform at their best.

But it’s not just about responding to change—it’s about anticipating it. We stay plugged into industry trends, platform updates, and shifts in consumer behavior. This allows us to proactively adjust your ad strategy, making sure it’s always one step ahead.

Because we work closely with you and understand your business, we can make sure these changes are not only fast but meaningful. Instead of generic strategies and updates, you get custom-tailored solutions that align with your goals and the unique dynamics of your brand.

4. Client Success Stories

We believe there’s no better testament to the benefits of working with a smaller agency than real-life success stories. So, let’s take a look at our work with Glitter Tattoo, a small business that wanted to expand their reach and test a new product range without the heavy time investment required by organic growth.

Having previously only used standard product shots in their marketing, they felt unsure about the potential of Facebook Ads and needed a partner who could provide personalised attention and understand their unique business needs.

That’s where The Social Ads Squad came in. Instead of falling back on traditional approaches, we decided to shake things up.
We ditched the product shots and opted for user-generated style ads featuring real people using Glitter Tattoo’s new range of stencils. The aim? To make the ads more relatable, appealing and demonstrate the fun and creativity sparked by their products.

This personalised and innovative approach wasn’t hampered by layers of approval or inflexible strategies often encountered in larger agencies. Instead, we were able to implement fresh ideas quickly and effectively.

The result was a campaign that cost a total of £1000 but yielded a consistent 6x return on ad spend. Glitter Tattoo not only managed to effectively test their new range but also made informed decisions about future production. The financial investment was modest, but thanks to our personalised attention and understanding of their business, the return was substantial.

This is the value of a smaller agency like The Social Ads Squad. We offer the flexibility to test new ideas, the agility to react quickly, and the personalised attention to really understand and meet the unique needs of your business. In other words, when you go small, you win big.

Choosing the right agency to manage your Facebook Ads can feel like a minefield.

But remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A smaller agency like The Social Ads Squad can offer the personal service, creative solutions, and the flexibility needed in today’s digital marketing world.

So, if you’re considering dipping your toes into Facebook Ads or want to optimise your existing campaigns, consider a smaller agency. You may find it’s the perfect fit for your business.

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