The Power of Facebook Lead Form Ads

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Facebook still remains a robust platform for reaching potential customers in 2024. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers unparalleled scope for brand visibility and user engagement. One tool that stands out for its effectiveness, especially for small businesses, is Facebook Lead Form Ads.

Understanding Facebook Lead Form Ads

Facebook Lead Form Ads are a powerful tool for generating leads directly within the Facebook platform. They are specifically designed for the mobile experience, a critical aspect in today’s mobile-centric digital landscape.

So, how do these ads work?

With just a few taps, users can interact with your ad. When a user taps your ad, a form pops up that’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information. All they have to do is then submit the form and that’s it. No need for a landing page.

This makes it easy for potential customers to connect with you, and for you to generate a qualified lead for your business.

Why Lead Form Ads?

The brilliance of Facebook Lead Form Ads lies in their simplicity and user-friendly design. They streamline the user experience, eliminating the need for the user to fill in their details manually. Facebook auto-populates the form with the user’s contact information, making the process swift and convenient.

The immediate nature of these ads also means businesses can capitalise on users’ interest right at that moment.

There’s no need to wait for them to visit your website and hopefully find your contact form. By reducing this friction, businesses can potentially see a higher conversion rate with Lead Form Ads compared to traditional methods.

Once the lead is collected, it’s stored in the Ads Manager ready to download as an Excel or .csv spreadsheet, or you can connect it to your CRM using a tool like Zapier to start interacting with your lead straight away.

Success Stories

At The Social Ads Squad, we’ve had the pleasure of helping numerous clients harness the power of Facebook Lead Form Ads to grow their businesses. For instance, our client Gail Logan from Kore Transformation was eager to find new leads for a quiz funnel they had invested in.

When Gail approached us, she was experiencing a significant challenge. Despite working with a well-reputed, larger agency, the leads were dwindling. The issue was twofold: the agency who wasn’t able to fully leverage the potential of the ads platform, and their scorecard —a method we at The Social Ads Squad know intimately—was underperforming.

Kore Transformation needed an agency that understood the mechanics of how scorecards and quiz funnel worked and had the expertise to generate a robust flow of leads. That’s where we stepped in.

We implemented a strategy using Lead Form Ads, experimenting with different messaging and graphics, even advising on how best to optimise the questions and call to actions . The result? An impressive influx of quality leads that helped Kore Transformation expand their reach far beyond their initial audience.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Form Ads

So, what makes Facebook Lead Form Ads so appealing for small businesses?

Let’s delve into the key benefits…

Ease of Use for Potential Customers

One of the primary appeals of Facebook Lead Form Ads is the user-friendly experience they offer to potential customers. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, convenience is king. With attention spans becoming shorter, and people’s days becoming busier, the importance of a smooth, streamlined customer journey can’t be overstated.

The lead generation process facilitated by Facebook Lead Form Ads has been designed with this reality in mind.

The ads utilise a form that pops up once a person taps on your ad. The beauty of this form is in its pre-populated nature; Facebook automatically fills in the potential customer’s contact information, as available in their profile, creating an almost effortless interaction for the user.

This convenience is further amplified on mobile devices, which are typically more challenging for users when filling in forms due to the smaller screen size. Facebook Lead Form Ads cut through this difficulty, offering a seamless, easy-to-use process regardless of the device being used. This makes the prospect of sharing their contact details much less daunting for the user, leading to higher conversion rates for businesses.

Additionally, the less work a potential customer has to do to engage with your ad, the less likely they are to abandon the process halfway. Facebook has taken a significant step towards reducing the potential drop-off rate by simplifying the lead generation process. Fewer obstacles mean fewer abandoned forms and, ultimately, more leads for your business.

Moreover, Facebook Lead Form Ads give you the opportunity to customise the forms according to your business needs.

Inside a lead form ad

You can see in the example below from The Social Ads Squad archives that you have the ability to set up the same form fields as the web form on your landing page or website. Additionally, you can define an advertising ‘objective’. This ‘objective’ is essentially the primary goal you want to achieve with your ad, such as increasing brand awareness or driving conversions.

Setting the right objective enables Facebook’s algorithm to optimise your ads for the type of users most likely to take the desired action on your form.

You can then set an introduction to your form that a user will first see once they have clicked on the call to action button in the ad.

In this ad we want users to sign up to our mailing list in exchange for a free guide so have made that clear before the user has to scroll.

Once the user has clicked ‘Next’ they are taken to the form page. This means you can ask the most crucial questions first, which not only makes the process quicker for the user but also ensures you gather the most important information upfront.

We have set this ad to show a notice that explains how the user’s data will be used. This is a requirement of the ads so make sure you have something ready.

In Facebook Lead Ads, there are various fields you can set up depending on the information you want to collect from your leads. The process begins by choosing a category for your form fields. Facebook has some pre-set categories you can choose from, or you can make your custom questions.

Here are the categories:

  1. User Information: Facebook can autofill this information from the user’s profile data. Here are some examples:
    • Full Name: Includes both first and last name.
    • Email: The email address the user has associated with their Facebook account.
    • Street Address: Includes details such as street, city, state, and zip code.
    • Phone Number: The phone number associated with the user’s Facebook account.
  2. Demographic Information: This includes details like gender, date of birth, relationship status, job title, company name, etc. However, it’s worth noting that including these types of questions should align with privacy regulations and Facebook’s policies.
  3. Work Information: This could include the company name, job title, or work email of the user.
  4. National ID: This includes identification numbers like a Social Security number in the US. However, due to privacy regulations, use of this field may be restricted or prohibited in some regions or for some purposes.

Once you have set the information you want to collect, you then need to set a privacy policy.

Privacy is a crucial aspect of Facebook Lead Ads. One of the mandatory fields you need to have in your lead form is a link to your company’s Privacy Policy. This is in line with data protection laws and Facebook’s own advertising policies that require advertisers to clearly inform users about the collection and use of their data.

Link it to the policy you already have on your website.

Once you’re done create a thank you page that tells the user you have collected the details and give them a chance to take an action like clicking on a website link or downloading a file.

So will you give them a try?

In the realm of Facebook advertising, Lead Form Ads are a powerful tool, especially for small businesses looking to grow and that’s why we love them so much at The Social Ads Squad. Their simplicity, mobile-friendly nature, and customisable features make them an appealing choice for businesses and users alike.

At The Social Ads Squad, we specialise in implementing and optimising Lead Form Ads, helping our clients reach a wider audience and drive growth.

We believe in tailoring our approach to the unique needs of your business, and we’re here to help you navigate the world of Facebook advertising. Whether you’re new to Facebook Ads or looking to improve your existing campaigns, get in touch with us today – let’s make your advertising work harder for you.

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